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Recent Works

The Brothers Dispersed at Sea

Work on Canvas-Mixed Media


Work on Canvas- Mixed Media

The Detachment II

Work on Paper-Mixed Media


Next Exhibition

Contemporary Art Talent Show

Padua Fair
November 15th-18th

CATS, Contemporary Art Talent Show is the section dedicated to accessible art of ArtePadova, the historic Modern and Contemporary Rrt Market Exhibition, now in it’s XXX edition.




Works on Paper

Sara Falli

The Studio


Reflections and Stories

Despite being in the studio

Thoughts and worries, bad news and the idea that something challenging is going to get in the way of your plans ... I understood, even with great difficulty, that to stop doing what you love doesn't help, but only makes things worse. Even if only for two hours, you...

Painting thanks to nature

Let yourself be inspired by people who thank nature for painting: The tribes of the Omo valley in Ethiopia. I came across an article on the web that talked about and documented Hans Silvester's photo of some young members of Ethiopian tribes, and I was fascinated with...

SKETCHBOOK Works / studio paintings

Sometimes I paint on small block sheets before moving to large formats. I also address more intimate themes; it’s as if the small format makes me feel more confident in being able to express something intimate. Splashing on the sheets, making mistakes, trying and...